I have a small shop where I design and build objects using a variety of materials.

     Rhino is my choice for 3D CAD (computer aided design) software. Rhino excels at creating organic 3D designs that can be run on my CNC milling machine or can be sent to outside firms for use on their equipment (laser cutter, 3D printer, etc.). A wonderful add-on to Rhino called RhinoCam allows me to easily generate the code needed by the milling machine to carve the objects I've designed. In addition to profile cuts, I can make contoured 3D parts and full 3D parts using the fourth axis capability of my machine.

     My computer controlled 4-axis milling machine is a precision heavy-duty Millright model 18 with a work envelope of 18" x 18" x 12". It has a high-speed (40,000 rpm) liquid cooled spindle that lets me use very small tools for fine details and carve a variety of materials, including wax, wood, MDF, high density foam or resin, plastics, and non-ferrous metals like brass and aluminum.

     The services I offer include:
 - Custom stamps for potters (see www.jetstamps.com)
 - Artist services, including wax cutting, dies and molds, prototypes, carving, etc.
 - CAD for new or existing designs
 - Low-volume or custom projects for individuals and organizations